Sunday, September 11, 2005

Vanderbilt Wades Through the Hog Slop

89 and a half yard drive, 3 running plays stuffed, goal line stand, takes the crowd out of the game, puts Houston Dale into his offensive "shell" (which he typically enters after 2 or 3 series in any event), and basically hands Vanderbilt the stake that we were about to drive through their heart for them to use on us later. I strongly suspected when we didn't score that we would get beat by that touchdown. Teams that get stopped on the goal line like that almost always lose the game by that touchdown.

Defense gave up 180 yards in the 4th quarter. How many yards did the offense make in the 4th quarter? At so many points of marginal difference in the game we came up lacking. The referees did not "beat" us. We were sloppy around the edges. We gave up a 72 yard run (after giving up the 85 yard run the week before). Penalties cost us well over 100 yards, counting yardage called back. Beat on a basic out and up for a touchdown. Beat on the 2 point conversion. Same guy - that was also dropping punts. RoJo Waco runs out of bounds, after not having his feet in position to throw to a wide open Monk over the middle, when all we needed to ice the game was milk the clock and make one first down. They won time of posession for the game by 3 minutes, and, if I am not mistaken, (quick math and reliance on memory in progress . . .) beat us by 5+ minutes in time of posesssion in the 2nd half.

Live by the blitz, die by the blitz. Live with your hands on the receivers, die with your hands on the receivers. The blitz and the hands seemed to be in sync at times. Reggie Herring can scream and throw the white board all he wants (he was quite entertaining, especially when he was screaming and drawing while not looking . . ). He's coaching and calling the defenses against the other team's offensive coaches. As the game progressed, he got it taken to him. Screaming and throwing the white board will grow old quickly unless he steps up.

I repeat, the referees did not beat us. You could see this coming after the goal line stand. The only thing that may prevent us from starting 1-4 is that the Louisanna-Monroe game comes before the Auburn game. Not being negative, just being realistic.


At 11:28 AM, Anonymous SGH2244 said...

Where was Felix Jones, I mean SEC Freshman of the week one week then bench warmer the next. Houston struggles with good decisions, he really struggles......


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